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Adult Singles Group* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: This group is for single individuals that are mid career (30 - 60). The group meets at the ECC central campus to further our relationship with our Lord, develop ourselves, and foster relationships with members of the group. We’ll be accomplishing this through Bible study, video programs and social events. Before attending this group, the group leaders will contact you to help define what the group's purpose is and to make sure it is a good fit. We highly recommend individuals that have been divorced or widowed complete Grief Share or Divorce Care classes before joining this group.
After the Boxes Are Unpacked Fall 2024 
Alger / Dupont Mens GroupWe are studying Romans. New members are welcome. We meet at the Capri restaurant in Meridian.
Almberg Small GroupMen's Bible study that meets on Friday mornings at 10AM at a home in Eagle. We are mostly retired men, but non-retired men are also welcome to join us!
Austin/Whitney Womens groupWomen's group that meets weekly to study God's Word and build friendships.
Authentic Manhood Volume 3*Starts October 17th. 33 The Series Volume 3: A Man and His Traps - Identify the deep idols of your heart and develop a “Battleplan” built on God’s grace. Training Guide provides practical teaching, powerful testimonies, interviews and creative elements combine in this six session volume to help men avoid or escape the destruction that falling into the common manhood traps can bring. It covers Idols, Empty Promises, Having a Battle Plan, XXX, Control, and Significance & Comfort. A training guide is needed and can be purchased on amazon for $20.00
Baptism Class - CV 
Basketball Group* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: Basketball is a fast pace, physical sport. We have pick-up games twice a week in the Gym at the ECC Central Valley campus (enter at door #2). Sunday evenings from 7 – 9pm, and Thursday evenings from 7 – 9pm. Anyone 16 years and up is welcome to come and play. No registration is necessary! It's free!! The group leader typically send out an email the day of to make sure there will be enough players.
Bee Quilters- Surprise ValleyWe are a group that seeks to serve others by making quilts for those who have suffered loss, have been hospitalized, or to celebrate the birth of a child. No experience necessary to join, but we do require a heart of service. This group meets on the first, third, and fifth Saturday of the month. Drop in anytime between 9am and 1pm.
Biegert Mens GroupWe meet at the Central Valley campus in room E-1 for fellowship and study. We are currently doing a study through Romans.
Blaisdell/Wycoff Small GroupWe are a couples group that meets on Thursday evenings. From 6:30-7PM is social time, and we start our bible study at 7PM. We rotate our meeting location between different homes in Meridian.
Bowden Mens GroupWe meet every Wednesday at 7:00am at Bordertown Coffee in Star. Men were designed for a moment like this! We will be the iron that sharpens iron in each other's life. We will be studying a book of the Bible, and then move into topical studies from there.
Brown Small GroupCouples with kids looking for fellowship and community. Our discussion topics will be the previous Sunday's message or topics, studies, videos series decided on by the group. Come as you are and bring the kids. We have small kids and will have childcare.
Brownell Small Group 
Comfort Quilters* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: We are a group that seeks to serve others by making quilts for those who have have suffered loss, have been hospitalized, or to celebrate the birth of a child. No experience necessary to join, but we do require a heart of service. :)
CV Hilltoppers Luncheon* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: Central Valley Hilltoppers are a fellowship group for those over 55+ years old. We meet on the second Thursday each month for a themed luncheon.
CV Women's Weds. AM ZOOM Bible Study 
Danielson Mens GroupWe are open to new guys! We are currently reading John Eldredge's book Resilient together. The human soul has a built-in yearning for joy and beauty and all good things. But that craving for life has taken a real beating in recent years. Between false promises of ease and comfort on one side and the sheer trauma of global disease and disasters on the other, we are facing a shortage of peace, happiness, and strength. In Resilient, Eldredge provides skills and tools to strengthen your heart and soul—and reveals a path toward genuine recovery and resilience provided by Jesus himself. Drawing on wisdom from Scripture and Christian tradition, and illustrated throughout with powerful, true stories of grit and survival. Thriving requires a resilient soul. This book will help you find the resilience you need when the world has gone mad—and discover in Jesus himself the strength that prevails.
David and Marie Robison Small GroupWe are a close-knit community of families who study God’s Word, Pray, and Fellowship with one another over dinner. Our group is composed of parents with children, ranging from infants to teenage years, as well as couples. We all share the common goal of deepening our understanding of the Bible and how to apply that to our own lives. Together, we engage in meaningful discussions and group questions that solidify the knowledge we gain from the weekly sermons.
Divorce Care* An ECC Support Group! Overview: In DivorceCare, you can find help, discover hope, and experience healing. You are welcome to join us as we explore concepts and receive practical advice in the journey of separation or divorce. Participants are at various stages from newly separated to divorced for awhile (even years). Currently we are meeting both on campus and online. Feel free to call or email if you have questions. We encourage you to attend the first session, but you are welcome to join at any time.
Dolce/Higley Small GroupWe are a group of women who meet once a month for Bible study! We tend to meet on Thursday evenings at 5:30PM, but this is flexible. We're made up of women of various ages and marital status, and we take a break in the winter due to driving at night. If you're looking for a Bible study, come join us!
Don and Kare Kolodzieczak 
Donnelly Mens Group (Thursday)We are a Men’s Group learning to practice spiritual disciplines and share life together to encourage and support each other. We are currently going through, “Living Life Backwards” by David Gibson. Ecclesiastes study. The group is open for new men!
Donnelly Mens Group (Tuesday)**New men's group launching on Jan 9th. Study: “Man Alive” by Patrick Morley: Transforming your primal needs into a powerful spiritual life. Description: A men’s group for those who don’t think God cares about them, your important relationships are not working, and you don’t feel like you are making a lasting difference in life. Learning how God transforms us from the inside out and sharing that adventure with other men. This group is open to men of different ages. This group will meet at Terry's home in West Meridian.
Doug and Sherry Mann Small Group 
Eagle Mens GroupWe welcome all men who are seeking to grow in God's Word in fellowship with others. We encourage open discussion and lift each other up in prayer throughout the week. We are currently studying the book of Romans and hope you will join us!
Emmett Life Group*An ECC Small Group! Note from the leader: A Life Group is the place where real-life happens in a church community. Consider joining the Emmett Life Group! We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of the month from 7 - 8:30 PM. Contact Robbie Roberts for details: (208) 631-1530
Emmett Mens Life GroupMen of all ages accountable under Christ to be the sons, husbands and fathers we were designed to be. Currently studying 1 Corinthians. Contact Robbie Roberts for details (208) 631-1530
Emmett Womens Small Group (Brusseau)(Starting September 20th) We are a group of women who are coming together to grow deeper in our faith and relationship with the Lord, while we build meaningful, life-giving friendships,and grow in community with other women. This semester, we will be diving deeper into what it looks like to grow in Biblical Hospitality. It will be a time where we learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to overflow from our hearts, into our homes and community, as we let our guards down and invite others into our lives. We are all in different seasons of life, so hospitality will look different for every woman, but there is beauty in walking these seasons together, showing hospitality and being the hands and feet of Christ.
Emmett Womens Small Group (Heintz/Johnson)*An ECC Small Group! Note from the leaders: This group provides the opportunity to fellowship with other women who live in Emmett as we gather in one another’s homes each week. We are committed to growing our faith in Christ and building relationships with women who live in our community! Our mission is to support and walk with one another through life while glorifying the Lord through our relationships. Our spring season's study is The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer, where we will discover how to create an action plan for putting on your armor and developing a personalized strategy to secure victory against the enemy. Our first meeting will be on Thursday, January 11th, 2024 at 6:15pm. Childcare is not available.
Emmett Womens Small Group (Lazewski)*An ECC Small Group! Note from the leaders: Our group started in September 2023 and is ready to welcome new members. We will be beginning a 28 day study on prayer on January 8. This small group will grow together through the study of God's word, fellowship and prayer. Additionally, we aim to complete one service project and have one social event each semester. We are a group made up of women from all stages of life.
Emmett Womens Small Group Morning (Hutton)This is a women's small group that will meet in the mornings at 10:00 a.m. at Kathy Hutton's home. We will be studying "The women of the Bible Speak" by Shannon Bream. This study will start on January 9th, 2024. No childcare provided for this study.
Espy Small GroupWe are a group of imperfect people who gather weekly around God’s word for the purpose of encouragement and accountability. We meet on Wednesday night twice a month from 6 to 8pm and would love for you to join us.
Fingerprint of GodIn this study, we will investigate various events where God specifically intervened in the lives of people and in the course of human history. We will be reminded that the reason for each one is rooted in God’s unending love for His creation and His unwavering desire for fellowship with the Saints for all eternity. You are that important to Him!
Fishers of Men Fellowship Group* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: ECC Fishers of Men is a Men's Fellowship Group of Eagle Christian Church.. Novice, intermediate, and advanced fishermen are welcome. Prior experience in Faith and/or Fishing is not required. We meet to expand our relationships with each other and expand our faith. We gather at the water to fish together, anchored to Christ. We gather for bait casting, fly fishing and wading, boat fishing, float fishing, and other fishing activities. If you are interested, please join the group and we will be sending out more information. If you are an ECC member and interested in leading an outing. Please contact Scott Lieberg, ECC Fishers of Men Group Leader.
Fitness Group (Saturday)* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: The ECC Fitness & Wellness Group has a different routine each week. The group focuses on using full body movements to build strength, agility, balance, and coordination at a level of intensity that raises the heart rate enough to build cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. Join this group on Saturday mornings from 9 to 10:30 am in the Gym at the ECC Central Valley campus. No registration is necessary! It's free!!
Fitness Group (Tuesday)* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: The ECC Fitness & Wellness Group has a different routine each week. The group focuses on using full body movements to build strength, agility, balance, and coordination at a level of intensity that raises the heart rate enough to build cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. Join this group on Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the Gym at the ECC Central Valley campus. No registration is necessary! It's free!
Foundations of the Christian FaithThis class will discuss the attributes of God, His involvement in the world today, why there is so much suffering, and other topics such as the nature of man as well as Christ's coming in the flesh.
Get Grounded - Central Valley* An ECC Women's Ministry group! Overview: The perfect blend of coffee & friends. Whether you are new to ECC or simply in need of girl time, you will find a place to connect. We get together the first Saturday of each month at 10-11:30am in the Gym (enter Door 1). Join us for a simple morning of Jesus, laughter and friends. What a sweet way to start a new month!
Green Mens GroupWe are a men's group that meet at Jovino's Coffee in Eagle every Monday for study and fellowship. All guys are welcome. Currently studying Psalms.
Grief Share CV* An ECC Support Group! Overview: Join us at GriefShare, where you will find help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, other family members, or friends. Our group is led by caring people, who also have experienced grief and understand how you feel. We will walk with you on the long journey through grief toward healing and hope for the future. Note: GriefShare is designed for people who are at least 18 years old.
Grover Life Group KunaThis small group currently meets at the Kuna Campus and is currently utilizing the weekly sermon discussion questions. The group is open to new members. No childcare provided for this particular meeting.
Hands and Feet GroupYou have a wonderful opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to our ECC Family and community. By joining this group you will receive occasional emails for opportunities to serve. These could include meal trains, serving at holiday services, practical needs or perhaps calling to check in on people. Your participation will be completely up to you, the email will just serve to communicate needs to you. This group will not meet in person it is only an email list. You can unsubscribe at anytime by selecting that option. Thank you for being a part of a caring family of believers showing Christ's love for His people!
Heintz Mens Group EmmettNew Men's Group Starts Feb 1st. We will be starting with "A Man's Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines" - 12 Habits to Strengthen Your Walk with Christ by Patrick Morley
Heintz Small Group*An ECC Small Group! Note from the leader: This group is committed to developing our relationships with our spouses so that we have thriving marriages. We are doing that by utilizing the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. There is also a participant's guide and videos that accompany this study. We will begin this study on Friday, January 12th at 5:30pm. This group breaks bread together and takes turns hosting the group at different members' homes in Emmett. No child care provided.
Hiking / Trail Walking Group* An ECC Interest Group! Overview: Join our church trail walking and hiking group chat to explore God's creation, build community, and grow closer to Him through outdoor adventures and fellowship! Join our GroupMe chat - https://groupme.com/join_group/100834368/cTRjIAiT
Hilltoppers- Surprise ValleyCommunity time for those 55+.
How God Makes Men: Kuna Campus 
Idaho Golf Fellowship Eagle Hills* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: We meet every Tuesday morning at Eagle Hills Golf Course for at least an hour of Bible study followed by a round of golf for those who wish to play. During the outdoor season we start at 9:00 a.m. but as sunlight and temperature change the start time is often adjusted. In the winter, we are meeting at Golf Your Way in Eagle at 10:00 for Bible study and a couple of hours of simulator golf. Our donations support these Christian organizations on a regular basis Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Hope House in Marsing, Idaho.
Idaho Golf Fellowship Purple Sage* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: Bible Study and Golf For Men. This group meets at Purple Sage Golf Course on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. You can come for the Bible study only if you like or you can stay and play afterwards. Please contact the group leader for tee times as they can vary slightly each week.
Idaho Golf Fellowship River Birch Golf Group* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: We meet on Mondays at 7:00 AM, at Eagle Christian Church Admin Building for Bible study and fellowship. Golf starts after Bible study at River Birch golf course. Golf after Bible study is optional. Tee times can vary and it's best to contact the group leader.
Idaho Golf Fellowship Shadow Valley* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: Bible Study and Golf For Men. This group meets at Banbury Golf Course in their meeting room on Wednesdays at 8:45 a.m. for Bible study. We schedule tee times for Shadow Valley golf course after Bible study generally starting around 11:00. Please contact the group leader for tee times as they can vary slightly each week.
Jordan Small GroupWe are a fellowship group who meet to encourage one another to grow in Christ and pray together. We will discuss the weekend sermon each week
Kipp Small GroupWe are a group of people who desire to grow spiritually through the study of God's word, praying together for one another, and doing life together as we serve one another and others as the need arises
Kuna QuiltingWe are a group that seeks to serve others by making quilts for those who have suffered loss, have been hospitalized, or to celebrate the birth of a child. No experience necessary to join, but we do require a heart of service. Any time from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
Letcher Small Group*An ECC Small Group! Note from the leader: This group remains active during the summer. This group spends time reflecting on the sermon that day, using the Discussion Guide used by ECC Small Groups. They help each other apply the sermon to their everyday lives, and spend time praying for each other.
Marc Mens GroupWe are a mens group that meets on Thursdays @ 6:30 for Bible study and fellowship.
Men of ECC- Surprise ValleyMen's group meeting quarterly at 9AM at the church. A wonderful time of spiritual growth and connection.
Mens Discipleship GroupOur group's purpose is to grow and mature together as believers in Christ Jesus in the fellowship with God and one another while learning to walk with Him under the control of The Holy Spirit. This is not only a Bible study, but an opportunity to be discipled into the image of our Lord, Jesus Christ, by learning who God is and how to apply this knowledge to every aspect of your life. It is by this knowledge and its application a person is transformed daily into who they were designed to become.
Mens Fellowship GroupWe are a group for men looking to help each other become better followers of Jesus. We meet at the Sunrise Cafe in Meridian.
Mens Friday Morning- Surprise ValleyCoffee and Conversation. Meeting in room E7 (or on the patio when it's nice).
Mens Wednesday Breakfast Group- Surprise ValleyAn incredible time of growth and connection over breakfast. Meets weekly at the church.
Miller Womens groupWe are a group of women who meet regularly to encourage each other in faith and prayer.
Mom to Mom* An ECC Women's Ministry group! Overview: We are excited to offer a ministry to moms who still have children in the home. We will meet monthly on the second Tuesday of the month starting back up in September. Bring the kiddos and be prepared to meet some new friends. Childcare will be available on a first come first serve sign up basis. Our meetings will consist of different relevant speakers each month and offer table discussion time. Our group will offer support through mentor moms and table discussion leaders. We will also have opportunities to join with other moms for outings outside of group time. Please let us know if you are a mom interested in joining us. Let us know what age your kiddos are and if you would need childcare. Homeschooling families are welcome! Come and meet your new community!
Mom2MomLast Wednesday of the month | 10:00 am - 11:30am | Check in begins at 9:45am Welcome to Mom to Mom! We are a group of moms who have kids at home, and desire connection. Our Mission is to empower women, strengthen families and help moms grow their faith. We strive to provide a place for moms to come, just as they are, to connect with each other and experience practical help, personal growth and spiritual hope. Join us each month for great topics, discussion, and opportunities to spend time together! Childcare is available, as well as an option for homeschool kiddos!
Mouw Life GroupWe are a group of couples with and without children, ages 26-80. We meet on Wednesdays from 6-7pm. Infants are welcome, no childcare is available for older children at this point. There is an ASL interpreter in the group as well. We discuss the sermon each week and use the group questions as a template for our group. Our group is a meaningful time to recap what God told us through the sermon on Sunday as well as to learn new things that we may have missed. We would love to have you!
Nishikawa 55+ Singles Small Group*An ECC Small Group! Note from the leader: This is a wonderful group of people that praise and follow the Lord together. Our group is a little older and many of our members have lost a spouse but we love and support each other. We believe we can renew our minds together as we enter new seasons of life. We are open to new member and would love to help and support people who are going through various transitions in their lives.
Nix Women's GroupOur group study is the Book of Romans.
Not What I Signed Up For 
Not What I SIgned Up For - Monday 
Not What I Signed Up For - Wednesday 
Nugent Life Group - KunaWe are group 25 to 45 year olds with kids who love Jesus and His word. We are studying the gospel of John and would love to have you join us. Kids are welcome.
Princess Warriors Thursday AM- Surprise ValleyWomen's Bible Study! All women are welcome!
Quinn Young AdultsLife Group for young adults (age 18-29). We'll meet 2-3 times a month at a home in Meridian (usually) to hang out, spend time in prayer and/or with a devotional, and sometimes share a meal. Occasionally we'll find opportunities to serve together outside of our gatherings, too! Day/time of meetings may vary depending on the schedules of the group members. This is a good group for young adults looking to connect with others in a similar stage of life.
Recovery GroupIf you are dealing with hurts, hang-ups, or habits that you want to overcome, this is a perfect place to connect and heal.
Reider Small Group*An ECC Small Group! As a group we pray for each other and encourage each person to grow in maturity in Christ. We laugh and have fun. We feel sorrow and hurt for one another. We love Jesus and want Him to be honored in our time together. We do not have childcare available, but do have a few children who play in the room next to us.
Riverstone Small Group*An ECC Small Group! Note from the leader: We are a new fellowship group with bible study and prayer residing in the Riverstone subdivision. We will study the Gospel of Mark and use Dr. Steve Crane's book on Mark to facilitate discussion.
Safety Ministry CoordinatorsSafety Ministry Coordinators
Safety Ministry Men's GroupOpen by Invitation only. Contact Group leader. We are a group of Men who are on the ECC Safety Team and meet weekly for Bible study and fellowship.
Saturday Mens Group - KunaWe are currently studying through the book of Daniel.
Saulovich Small GroupWe are a young adults small group that meets on Thursday evenings! Meeting location may change, and depending on where we meet children will be welcome.
Sherrill Small GroupA mixed group of adults, some single and some married. We meet twice a month on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm, and children are welcome to join.
Side by Side Adventure Group*An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: We are a group who love taking our side by sides off-road to explore the beautiful sites of Idaho and beyond. Come and join us to explore the great outdoors. We ride on the 3rd Saturday of every month, year round. Families welcome!
Star Mens GroupMen's bible study: We are studying the book of 1 Samuel starting October 2023. We proceed at about 1 chapter a week, unless it is a long chapter. Even if you join in the midst of the study, you won't miss out. We meet in the back room of the Star Cafe. Verses and notes are sent out a few days in advance so folks can prepare for the study. A survey of 7 to 10 questions are posed about the scripture studied for discussion. A printed copy will be provided if a printer is not available at your home.
The Vine [Dresser] & MeA ladies group learning and growing through studies of God and His Word. We meet at Surprise Valley Monday evenings in the LIbrary from 7-8:30 pm.
Tuesday Sports Ministry- Surprise ValleyCommunity and fun! Volleyball on Tuesday nights.
Tuesday Womens Group - KunaOpen to women of all ages and in all stages of life. We are currently studying through the book of James. We meet at the church in Classroom 105 (at the end of the hall in the downstairs wing).
Way of the King - Mark* An ECC Women's Ministry class! Overview: Way of the King is a twelve week women's Bible study that will be meeting Wednesday evenings at Central Valley. Connie Silvester, author and teacher of this study will lead us through how to read skillfully, think carefully and study prayerfully as we journey through the gospel of Mark. Programming will start on September 13 from 6:30-8:00 PM.
Wednesday evening Fall 2024 - Abide 
Wednesday Evening Womens Group - KunaOpen to women of all ages and in all stages of life. We are currently studying through the book of James. We meet at the church in Classroom 105 (at the end of the hall in the downstairs wing).
Wednesday Night Gospel Study- Surprise ValleyGroup that meets at the ECC Surprise Valley campus to study the Gospels and make application for our lives.
West Valley 55+ Social GroupThis is a fun, celebratory group for men and women 55+, that is geared for people who are interested in getting together for fellowship and social time. We will eat, have fun, and eat some more. Come be a part of a group of people who love Jesus and want to enjoy one another.
Women and JesusLetting Jesus meet us exactly where we are! Sin, scars, and all.
Women InseparableBeginning September 11, 2024, Women Inseparable will be offering a study titled Temple: You are the Temple of God. You are filled with the Holy Spirit of God. If these two statements are your truth, what does it mean for you? What do these truths look like in your life—as you are, where you are? May we open Scripture to see what our love for Jesus looks like as the Spirit-filled Temple of our Living God. This study is written and taught by Jaclyn Palmer. Join us live Thursdays at 10am or access the study anytime at https://www.womeninseparable.com/resource-library-resources You are welcome to join any time! Simply come! 💖 We look forward to connecting to Jesus Christ and to you. You are not alone. Romans 8:35–39, Jaclyn & Gail Feel free to stay connected as is best for you. No rules ;)
Women of Worth (WOW) Widow Group* An ECC Affinity Group! Overview: WOW is a group specifically for widows and meets monthly in a home. The heart of WOW is fellowship and encouragement with devotional thoughts. Through WOW our desire is to be a special place for widows to grow and find new joy and meaning in their life and in serving others. It is a time of FUN, FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP! We generally meet the 2nd Sunday of each month at 12:30 p.m. Meeting location changes each month. Please contact the leader for next month's location.
Women's Monday GroupWomen’s small group study focused on studying the Bible. We will be doing an in depth study called, God Searches for a Heart Fully His.
WV Baptism December 2023 
WV Baptism November 2023 
WV Baptism October 2023 
WV Baptism September 2023 
WV Safety Ministry Small GroupWV Safety team members small group. We meet to grow deeper in our relationship with each other as the old church did, by striving to grow closer to Christ, thru a more in-depth study and discussion of God 's word, utilizing the bible as our study source.
WV When You Pray - Monday 
WV Women's Support Group 
Young Adult Gathering- West ValleyThe Young Adult Gathering happens on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 7 PM. If you're between the ages of 18 and 25, join us for an amazing time of worship, teaching and connection. For questions about our next gathering text Jim and Dandy at (208) 283-4361.